Canāree Air Quality Monitor

Quickly start measuring Air Quality indoors with Canāree air quality monitors.

Canāree is a compact Air Quality Monitor that can classify particulate matter (PM).  When connected to a PC, network device (Wireless Access Points) or any Host Device via USB it becomes IoT Enabled.  Canāree collects real-time PM data locally on the device it’s connected to and can also send data to a cloud service for remote monitoring and analysis. SenseiAQ Software displays the data on a dashboard including Air-Quality-Index (AQI) Scores, alerts for vape, smoke, etc. from particle count and distribution. An API supports third party integrations such as Air Quality Management Systems, Air Purifiers, etc. SenseiAQ is an app that runs on Windows, MAC, Android devices or on a cloud service.  iOS Support is planned.

Canāree utilizes Piera’s Intelligent Particle Sensor series 7100. Using a unique algorithm to identify different particulate sizes – Canāree provides real-time precise airborne particulate matter monitoring such as air-pollution, smoke, vape and noxious gas detection for indoor applications.  Canāree is the most accurate Air Quality Monitor for PM available on the market due to it’s custom PSC-1 photon counting processor which counts every single particle from PM01.-10.0 and reports the count and size in 7 bins.


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