Canāree Air Quality Monitors

Accurate. Affordable. Adaptable.

A family of air quality monitors so accurate that you can identify the likely sources of your pollution.
Canāree A1
Plug-n-Play Air Quality Monitor

Measure particulates from PCs, mobile devices, and wireless access points


USB powered

Weight – 42g

Canāree I1
Standalone Air Quality Monitor

Monitor particulates anywhere using WiFi/BLE/ethernet & all features of A1


USB or external power

Weight 42g

Canāree I5
Comprehensive Environmental Monitor

All features of I1 & temperature, pressure, humidity, and TVOCs


USB or external power

Weight 50g

Measure across entire PM range - PM0.1 to PM10

Built-in vape/smoke detection

Fully integrated with the cloud. Intuitive UI included.

Seamless integrations to BMS / BAS solutions

Dimensions: 8.98cm x 6.13cm x 2.06cm

Covers 100m2 , 1,000ft2

Monitor. Inform. Mitigate.

Canāree is foundational to creating a healthy, productive indoor space. Learn More.

Get to know your air. Fast.

Easy to Use. Easy to Deploy.

Plug it in and start accurately measuring your air in seconds – that’s the Canāree way. With a complete solution right out of the box including an intuitive UI, there’s no experience needed to measure air quality. Seamless integrations to wireless access points means deploying in volume is as simple as a one-time config of a few lines of code and simply plugging in additional devices.

Fully Integrated with the Cloud

All Canāree come equipped with a full integration into a powerful cloud-based SenseiAQ software so you can monitor air quality from anywhere. Monitor data in your cloud or ours. Integrating into custom dashboards is made easy with RESTful APIs and so is integrating with BMS / BAS solutions.

Highly Accurate Yet Affordable

Industry’s only low-cost air quality monitors that can measure across the entire range of particulate matter from PM0.1 to PM10. Highly accurate data across 7 distinct bins allows you to uniquely classify the sources of pollution to inform effective mitigation actions in a highly cost-effective way.


Copies of compliance certificates, test reports for  the above and TSCL, CA 65 available through

Deploy Canāree Everywhere!