Intelligent Particle Sensors

World’s most accurate particulate sensors that are priced to scale.


A family of particulate matter sensors like none other.


  • Industry’s highest accuracy, in real-time
  • Measure PM10 all the way down to PM0.1
  • Particle counts and size, not just mass
  • Software-defined and programmable


Unprecedented accuracy means you can classify particles and identify the sources of your pollution. Unlock new markets, applications, and revenue streams. Integrate our sensors into your products and be future-ready.

IPS Family of Sensors

IPS family of sensors are built using a patented, photon-counting custom Integrated Circuit (PSC-1) to deliver a highly sensitive optoelectronic particulate sensor packed with features.


  • Ultra-high sensitivity and accuracy across full range from PM0.1-PM10+
  • Series 5, 7 devices measure and count particles in 5, or 7 bins
  • Bin sizes of PM0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 2.5, 5.0, 10 report particle count, size and mass concentration
  • Fast response time: < 0.5 seconds
  • Low Power (< 65 mA continuous, idle, sleep modes)
  • Self-Cleaning cycle
  • OTA Firmware Updates
  • I2C, UART, USB Interfaces enable a plug in replacement for existing sensors


Download datasheet for full list of specifications

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Accurate Sensors for your Application


Detection of very fine particles (smaller than 1.0 micron in diameter) is unique to optical sensors at this price and will detect health threats that would otherwise go undetected. Exploit this accuracy to tackle an endless list of applications.


  • Air Quality monitoring/reporting and treatment systems
  • HVAC equipment purifiers
  • Smart Spaces (home, office, retail, industrial)
  • Vape/smoke detection (pollen, silica dust, and other pollutants)
  • Supplementary to spectrum analyzer for noxious gases
  • Digital Health Applications
  • Silica Dust Dosimeters
  • Masks for mining and other industrial uses

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