Let’s measure your air – accurately and comprehensively

Particulate Matter Sensors


Our family of ‘Intelligent Particle Sensors’ (IPS) uses a breakthrough custom processor optimized to measure and count particulate matter.  Unprecedented accuracy across the entire range of particulates means you can build more powerful products than ever before. You can even classify specific pollutants opening up new markets and applications for you.

Air Quality Monitors


Ready to monitor your air quickly and easily? Our Canāree family of Air Quality Monitors builds on our powerful IPS sensors and seamless cloud integration to deliver the industry’s most accurate and complete air quality information on a real-time dashboard. Just plug in and start measuring your air accurately within seconds. It is that simple.

Why Piera

The only way to truly answer the question ‘What’s In Your Air’ is to measure mass and individual particle counts across the entire range of small, fine and ultra-fine particulate matter (PM10.0 to PM0.1 microns). Piera provides the world’s only scalable sensors that can accurately deliver mass and particle counts across the spectrum. Our unparalleled accuracy allows you to identify the sources of pollution. If accuracy matters to you, if you need to classify particles, Piera is the only choice.


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About Us

We are obsessed with air. And everything in it.

We are on a mission to make air quality measurement as accurate, simple, inexpensive, and pervasive as temperature. To work with citizens, scientists, and companies around the world on disruptive technologies to clean our air.

Improving our health, and our planet’s health, and doing our part in solving the defining challenge of our generation is what drives us.

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