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pdf Piera Overview 3.42 Overview of Piera, our products and applications that utilize them.
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pdf Intelligent Particle Sensor Family Brochure Overview of the IPS Family of Devices and Functionality
11 MB
pdf Evaluation Kit Brochure Overview of the evaluation kits for our sensors and Canāree
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pdf IPS Datasheet V1.1.0 633 KB
pdf IPS Test Report V2.1_Public IPS (formerly Piera-1) Test Report vs Grimm Model 11-D Reference Instrument
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pdf Piera Company Profile One page overview of Company and Products
237 KB
pdf What's in your Air? and Why Should You Care? Article discusses why you should care about air quality, air pollution and what causes it.
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pdf Testing, Testing... 1 2 3 Paper discusses the EPA's test methods for PM sensors and the IPS test report
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pdf Accurately Measuring Particulate Matter And Its Impact On Health White Paper on Piera's technology and the impact of PM on public health including COVID-19 & Alzheimers
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pdf Measuring Air Quality with PM Sensors Factors to consider when measuring Air Quality and the importance of accurate, detailed PM data
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