Piera Systems Announces Certification to ISO 21501-4 Cleanroom Standard, a World First for Low-Cost Particle Sensors

Scottsdale, AZ – Jan 13 2022. Piera Systems (“Piera”) is proud to announce the release of calibration certificate for its Intelligent Particle Sensors (“IPS”), tested and calibrated in accordance with ISO 21501-4 standard, a requirement for particle counters used in many applications where accuracy and precision between instruments are high. Piera’s affordable Canāree Air Quality Monitors are built using this IPS technology. This is the first time a low-cost sensor has demonstrated that it is calibratable to this strict standard, which is normally used to calibrate reference grade instruments and monitors.


The ISO 21501-4, and its companion standard ISO 14644-1, are widely used in applications where tolerance for particle contamination is quite low including in the electronics and semiconductor industries, pharmaceutical industry, and medical environments. These standards set forth stringent tolerance levels for performance of particle counters across many criteria including accuracy of particle counts and precision across measurements from multiple instruments as well as calibration procedures and verification methods.


“Being able to calibrate our sensors to ISO 21501-4 is a testament to our ‘correct by construction’ technology stack including our revolutionary ASIC, calibration algorithms and methodologies, and our highly scalable test and QA processes,” said Aaron Soh, Founder and CTO of Piera Systems. “We are immensely proud of our R&D team’s ability to deliver superior air quality data that’s comparable to a reference instrument at a fraction of the price.”


This unprecedented ability to accurately count particles at an affordable price-point unlocks brand new applications in a number of industries as this performance has thus far only been possible with reference grade instruments and monitors which can cost 10s of thousands of dollars making them unscalable. Environments that are highly sensitive to particle pollution, such as a pharmaceutical cleanroom or a hospital surgical room, can now deploy a vast array of Piera’s sensors and monitors to accurately monitor air quality in real time and ensure a high standard of operating environments.




“As a provider of air quality monitoring solutions to pharmaceutical and healthcare facilities, we adhere to stringent performance standards and expect the same from our technology and product partners,” said Séverine MORIAU, Head of R&D at Zaack. “Specialized air quality monitoring solutions, like our Zaack CR® cleanroom air quality monitor, require extreme attention to detail and are heavily regulated. We collaborated closely with Piera to certify their sensors to ISO 21501-4 which coupled with their highly affordable price-point makes them an ideal partner for Zaack’s products and services.”


For more information on the ISO standards referenced in this document, please refer to this article. Please contact Piera Systems to obtain a copy of the ISO certificate and accompanying test results.


About Piera Systems, Inc.

Piera Systems Inc. is on a mission to make air quality measurement accurate, simple, inexpensive, and pervasive, enabling a major improvement in the health of all humans. Piera has developed a family of ‘Intelligent Particle Sensors’ utilizing a breakthrough custom processor to detect particulate matter (PM), a major component of air pollution. Unlike existing low-cost PM sensors, IPS has superior accuracy over a wider range, including harmful ‘very fine particles’ smaller than 1.0 micron, and reports particle size and count in real-time at low power. IPS is the first software defined PM sensor with up to 7 particle sizes allowing its use in many applications. IPS data is analyzed using AI/ML algorithms to identify and classify pollution sources such as vape, cigarette smoke, cooking, etc. IPS sensors and Canāree air quality monitors answer the question, ‘What’s In Your Air?’

Headquartered in the US, more information on Piera Systems air quality solutions can be found at https://www.pierasystems.com


About Zaack

ZAACK is the research and development subsidiary of IGIENAIR Group. It was founded in 2017 and it offers innovative connected technologies for indoor air quality monitoring. ZAACK started by developing a full range of indoor air quality monitoring systems for commercial and residential spaces and is currently developing a range for special applications such as cleanrooms and healthcare facilities.

Zaack CR® is the only compact plug & play cleanroom monitoring station that can monitor in real time, particles (pcs/m3), temperature, relative humidity and differential pressure. It gives the operators real-time access to critical data over the cloud. Data is automatically logged and saved on the cloud or on the client’s server. Users have the choice to work with raw data or to view in graphical smart phone and web applications.

For more information on our products & air quality services, visit: zaack.io & igienair.com


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Séverine MORIAU

Head of Research and Development