IPS-7100 Intelligent Particle Sensor

Powered by a breakthrough custom processor, the Piera family of Intelligent Particle Sensors are the most accurate particle sensors in the industry.

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To truly answer the question, “What’s In Your Air?”, you need to:


  1. Accurately measure mass concentration
  2. Measure coarse, fine, and ultrafine particles
  3. Count individual particles, not just mass


Until now, the only way to do that has been to use highly expensive and labor-intensive regulatory monitors and reference instruments. Our family of Intelligent Particle Sensors (IPS) now lets you answer this question much more affordably and easily.


  • Industry’s highest accuracy, in real-time
  • Measure PM10 all the way down to PM0.1
  • Particle counts and size, not just mass
  • Software-defined and programmable


Use this unprecedented accuracy to classify particles and open new markets, applications, and revenue streams. Integrate our sensors into your products and be future-ready.

We are proud to have been selected as a finalist in the Best IOT Category by Sensors Expo. This article goes into more detail. Piera-1 has been upgraded to the Piera-7100 which increases the number of size bins from 5-7 while leading the industry in accuracy for low-cost sensors.