Canāree A1 for Aruba Access Points


Quickly start measuring indoor air quality with the Canāree A1 Air Quality Monitor and Aruba wireless access points.  Leverage your existing wireless infrastructure and our certified integration with Aruba to deploy and monitor your air effortlessly.



Canāree A1 is a highly accurate and easy-to-use Air Quality Monitor that plugs into existing Aruba wireless Access Points (APs) and measures air quality in real-time.  With certified interoperability with ArubaOS 8.8 and above, you simply plug the Canāree into the USB port of an Aruba access point and start measuring air quality instantly. Included SenseiAQ real-time dashboard gives you simple and intuitive readouts of your air quality. SenseiAQ logs all the data securely to the Microsoft Azure cloud for advanced analytics as well as integration with existing Building Management System (BMS) software.  Canāree is easy to install, configure, maintain, and update, so whether you are monitoring a conference room or an entire office park, it’s all made easy with our integration with Aruba.


• Highly accurate indoor air quality monitoring and management
• Leverage existing wireless access points to reduce costs, simplify installation and deliver real-time analytics
• SenseiAQ™ application provides real-time dashboard, alerts and insight to take action and improve indoor air quality
• Vape/smoke detection in real-time
• Secure, cloud-based storage and analytics integrates with existing IT and facilities management applications
• Flexible business models allow own/rent/lease for short or long-term business requirements


Canāree A1 AQM is ideal for measurement of air quality of indoor environments including in offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, retail spaces, and more. Leverage existing Aruba installations to securely and affordably provide highly accurate air quality monitoring to keep your colleagues, clients, and family safe.